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Utgave 90 – I denne utgaven: Alan Aragon Research Review october 2011:
– The Best Damn Bench Press Article Period (av Bret Contreras og Sam Leahey)
– Den Ultimate Testen av Kjernestyrke! (av Eirik Sandvik)
– TRUTH About Bench Press (Video, med Juan Carlos Santana & Nick Tumminello)
– 382 dager med faste! (forskning)

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”Dytt og Dra Tunge Ting, Eller dra til Helvete!”
– Eirik Sandvik

The Best Damn Bench Press Article Period: En fantastisk artikkel av Bret Contreras og Sam Leahey om benkpress, og forskningen på området. (notater: overkropp, press-øvelser, floor press, smal benk.)

Et par gullkorn:

– «Any serious lifter understands the importance of mental preparation before a heavy lift. Tod et al. (2005) conducted a very interesting study where they found that «psyching up» led to an 8% increase in force production compared to controls (oppsyking, oppgiring, gira opp, giret opp, musikk under trening.)

– Duffey and Challis (2011) found that there are considerable lateral forces at play when bench pressing. They used a special bar that allowed for the measurement of vertical and lateral forces and found that the «pulling apart» force exerted on the bar equaled roughly 25% of the upward force. It appears that the muscles involved in pressing the bar upward produce considerable outward forces as well.

This helps explain why individuals can’t dumbbell press as much as they can bench press; not only is more stabilization required, but lateral forces aren’t allowable in dumbbell pressing as they’d cause the dumbbells to move away from each other, which would result in a failed lift. The fact that triceps EMG is lower during dumbbell pressing compared to barbell pressing lends support to this theory (Saeterbakken et al. 2011). Elitefts has been preaching about spreading the bar apart during the bench for years.

– Bellar et al. (2011) showed that distributing the load with 15% band tension and 85% free weight tension allows for superior strength gains compared to free weights only. Burnham et al. (2010) demonstrated equal 1RM increases between chains of 5% total load and free weights only, similar to the results of McCurdy et al. (2009), who used greater proportions of chain to bar loads.

Using 15% chain load and 60% free weights for a total of 75% of 1RM, Baker and Newton (2009) found the method to be superior in enhancing concentric lifting velocity compared to using a regular 75% 1RM of free weight only. Studies suggest using 40-50% of 1RM with either chains or bands has the greatest effect on power variables (Ghigiarelli 2009). We support the use of chains and bands as the research is clear, but we feel a decent base of strength should be built before traveling down this path.

– Researchers compared heavy resistance training only and combined heavy resistance training with ballistic training. The results showed significant greater increases in 1RM strength with the combined protocol compared to just heavy resistance training (Mangine et al. 2008). Wilcox et al. (2006) demonstrated that using two plyometric pushups or two light medicine ball chest passes around 30 seconds before bench press performance enhanced maximum strength acutely.

At any rate, for higher pec activation you may choose to flare the elbows outward and lower the bar higher up on the chest, but for maximum shoulder joint safety, using a 45 degree shoulder angle is the safest bet.

– As far as the myriad of methods and variations shown in this article, don’t be a jackass and try to do everything at once. The guy who ignores all the crazy methods and variations and focuses on straight sets of the standard bench press is usually much stronger than the douchebag who tries to perform every variation and method in existence. Every few weeks pick a new focus, and then rotate to a different focus.

Furthermore, push ups and overhead pressing and pulling help keep the scapulae working properly, which is vital long-term benching prowess, so don’t ignore them, either


* Referanser: T-Nation: Bret Contreras og Sam Leahey.

Den Ultimate Testen av Kjernestyrke! En flott artikkel av Eirik Sandvik om trening av kjernestyrken, og primitiv trening als. Prowler og slede 🙂

382 dager med faste! En studie publisert i 1973 undersøkte resultatene under en 382 dager lang faste under tilsyn. 382 dager uten noe energiinntak! De ble gitt vitamintilskudd daglig, samt Vitamin C og gjær/yeast i de første 10 månedene. De siste 3 mnd. ble kalorifrie drikker tillatt ad libitum. Kalium/Potassium tilskudd ble gitt fra dag 92 till dag 162, og fra dag 345 til 355 ble ham gitt natrium/sodium tilskudd. Blodsukkerkonsentrasjoner på rundt 1,67 mmol/30 mg/100 ml ble observert konsekvent de siste 8 månedene. «Prolonged fasting in this patient had no ill-effects.»

Dette er ikke noe jeg anbefaler, men interessant er det.

Personen gikk ned fra 207 kg til 82 kg.

* Referanser:

Stewart WK, Fleming LW. Features of a successful therapeutic fast of 382 days’ duration. Postgrad Med J. 1973 Mar;49(569):203-9. Pubmed. Full tekst.

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