Bokanmeldelse: Atomic Dog – The Testosterone Principles, av TC Luoma

Atomic Dog – The Testosterone Principles er en samling av T-Nation’s TC Luoma sine beste ‘atomic dog’ artikler. Det er i grunn vanskelig å forklare hva slags artikler det er, da jeg aldri har sett noe lignende, men jeg liker det! 🙂

TC skriver om alt mellom himmel og hav i disse spaltene, men det meste dreier seg om manndom på et eller annet vis. Han har en spesiell og gjenkjennbar ‘no-bullshit’ skrivestil som jeg liker meget godt.

Sjekk ut Atomic Dog artiklene hans på T-Nation, og om du liker det kan du jo vurdere å sjekke ut boka 🙂

To av mine favoritter:
Atomic Dog: Let go of the rock.
-> Et lite utdrag: «…It’s sometimes a lot easier to accept things the way they are, to sit back and complain bitterly to anyone who’ll listen, but that’s the big difference between people who are happy and people who are miserable.

I think these people don’t realize that it really doesn’t take all that much courage to change your life. I don’t care if we’re talking about working out religiously, changing jobs, getting out of a bad relationship, or moving to a different town. Believe me, you can’t lose. Whatever you do, provided that you stay focused, works out. The only people who lose are the ones who cash in their chips and refuse to play another hand. It’s like the Chinese allegory of the man caught in the rapids. He’s managed to grab hold of a rock, but the raging waters are beating him against the rock over and over again. If he doesn’t let go, he’ll soon die, but he’s afraid to let go because he doesn’t know what dangers lie downstream.

Let go of the rock.»

ATOMIC DOG: 16 More Reasons to Keep on Living.
-> Et lite utdrag: «3. One Animal That Fills All Your Needs.

Lisa: I’m going to become a vegetarian.
Homer: Does that mean you’re not going to eat any pork?
Lisa: Yes.
Homer: Bacon?
Lisa: Yes, Dad.
Homer: Ham?
Lisa: Dad, all those meats come from the same animal.
Homer: Right Lisa, some wonderful, magical animal!

Homer obviously didn’t know about the wonderful dietary versatility of the common pig, but imagine how his mind would have been blown if he knew that same wonderful, magical animal that provides us with pork, bacon, and ham could also be used to clothe him from head to foot in fleece! (See photo at right.)

My God, those genetic engineers have finally gone too far! What’s next, cows with hands so they can milk themselves? Chickens with ten wings instead of two that grow featherless and are coated with amino acids that taste like KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce?

What’s that you say? These «pig-sheep» are actually called mangalitsa and they’re not genetically engineered? They’re related to boar and you can find them in the forests of Austria and Hungary? Oh well, never mind.

Okay, maybe this isn’t much of a reason to keep on living, but the weird, sometimes science-fictionish world of nature gives me a charge, especially when I’m exposed to some beastie I haven’t seen before.»

The Testosterone Principles

Mer om boka: «What’s wrong with Testosterone anyway? And what’s so wrong with being masculine? Testosterone, after all, is the elixir of heroism, passion, drive, energy, and intensity. Didn’t you know that? Or has all that «primitive» stuff been sucked out of you by a society that would like to keep your manhood safely locked up in a jar under the bed, only to be removed during times of war and procreation (which you better not enjoy)? Luckily for Testosterone-fueled men and the women who love them, this maligned hormone has a crusader. It began seven years ago in an online magazine called Testosterone Nation. In his Atomic Dog column, TC began to define and outline the masculine ideal for the new millenium. Is TC an edgy humorist? Yes. Is he an advocate, defender, and reveler in all things Testosterone? Yes, that too. Is he a sensitive intellectual? Yep. A motivational guru for people who hate motivational gurus? Roger that. A firebrand for unabashed manhood in an increasingly sissified society of wimps? Ditto. Thousands of people now visit every week to see what TC has to say. This book is a «best of» collection from those weekly columns. It will no doubt make a lot of people angry. It will no doubt be highly offensive to many individuals. Good.»

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