Svineinfluensa; Overdrevet ‘hype’ eller seriøs trussel?

Jeg vil anbefale absolutt alle å ta en titt på denne meget gode artikkelen om den såkalte ‘svineinfluensaen’.

Sjekk også ut Fritt Helsevalg sine nettsider.

Noen sitater fra artikkelen:
«….We get some further perspective when we look at other diseases. Malaria for example kills over 1.14 million people a year. This means that—every day—365 days a year, over 3,000 people die from the mosquito-vectored plasmodium, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. But the media is conspicuously silent about this, perhaps because the pharma and pesticide companies have failed over such a long time to get anyone excited over their mostly unsuccessful attempts to deal with the disease. More cynically, there’s also less money available in malaria-infected countries than there is in western countries susceptible to the swine flu hype…»

«…This swine flu pandemic scare is very timely indeed for the pharmaceutical industry, which has not been enjoying, in the recent years, the easy ride it had in previous decades. The hype has already seen share prices in the pharma companies Roche and GSK, makers of the anti-viral drugs Tamiflu and Relenza, soar. Even if a pandemic does eventuate, the companies will have some difficulty making a killing (excuse the pun…[ed]) from immediate sales because of the significant lead time required to prepare for large-scale manufacture. But the pharma companies are already gaining from sales to countries to replace or even increase country-held stockpiles of anti-virals that will be approaching the end of their shelf life. You’ll remember how countries built up their stocks following the bird flu scare of 2006? Well, now it’s three years on and, yes—you’ve guess it— the shelf life of Tamiflu is 36 months, and around the same for Relenza….»

«…So, saying that the current epidemic is convenient for the pharma companies is a bit of an understatement. The vaccine companies will also be major beneficiaries of ‘swine flu 2009’; they are already increasing their sales of seasonal flu vaccines to countries, knowing full well that that they will have little effect on a mutated form of H1N1. In due course, they will also be able to ‘upgrade’ their future seasonal flu vaccines by incorporating swine flu, and governments will no doubt try to persuade or force ever more people to be vaccinated. For example, Maryland-based Novavax Inc. and Illinois-based Baxter are are gearing up to fast-track a human vaccine for this particular strain, while increased use of vaccines in the pig industry is also likely…»

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